Alongside breakfast, you’ll hear more about some of the ministries that men from Woodies are involved in.

Prepare to be surprised, challenged and inspired!

08/09/2018  ‘Stolen Identity’  Dave Cheeseman
We’re all very familiar with ‘identity fraud’. We’re learning to become more vigilant about protecting our identity. But what about our personal identity as individuals. Are we aware of what makes up our identity and how that may differ from God’s original design for us. In India your caste defines your identity from birth. Working with the Dalit caste has taught me about one of the greatest injustices still exercised in this world. It had also taught me about myself. Please come and hear all about it and explore mens identity in the modern world

13/10/2018     ‘God Behind Bars’  Nick Hay
Prisons are in the news, as places of overcrowding, violence and unrest. But God is at work. Come and hear Nick share his experiences of God behind bars, working as a prison Chaplain in Bristol. 
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10/11/2018    ‘Pioneering Kingdom initiatives in Bristol’  Nick Crawley
Some things I’ve learned from pioneering Kingdom initiatives in Bristol over the past 14 years.
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12/01/2019   ‘Conversations with a Purpose: Men, Mentoring and Intentional Living’ Andrew Parker
At one level, mentoring is part of everyday life. We support people, journey with each other, and provide help and encouragement along the way. But what if it’s much more than that? What if we saw it as a wholly intentional process integral to spiritual growth – and one which has the potential to change an entire generation? In this session, Andrew talks about the positive impact of mentoring on his own life and his passion to provide similar support for others.
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09/02/2019  ‘ Getting your head around mental health: mind, body, soul & spirit ‘  Alex Ruff
Alex will be talking about his training as a counsellor with Network and what has led him to learn more about how we function, how we address the strategies we use and how we can help each other.  Why it’s important to look at our whole being and why as men we find it more difficult to talk (and listen) about the things we wrestle with. Alex will share some of what it’s like to be on the receiving end and how transforming it can be.
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09/03/2019   ‘Now get up and stand on your feet’ Lee Barnes
A talk, with personal stories of God being found in unexpected places, on how to keep going, keep remembering, keep learning and keep yearning for more in our adventure with Jesus. 
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11/05/2019 ‘Transforming Bristol Together!’ Roger Allen
Roger has a heart for justice and transformation and believes that change is possible!
Ten years ago, he and his wife, Angie, “jumped off a cliff”, with their young family and stopped earning a salary, to “live by faith”. Why? They longed to see the WHOLE Christian community working together in unity to help spread the Kingdom of God throughout the WHOLE of life, including the Business and Workplace sphere, across the Bristol region.
Roger experienced transformation first hand in Zambia, where he taught for 6 years, in Apartheid South Africa and with the fall of the Berlin Wall. He has seen change through the spread of the Fairtrade movement, plus the Jubilee 2000 and MakePovertyHistory campaigns.
He now knows that transformation is possible in Bristol and that we all have a part to play! Come and find out more…

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08/06/2019   To be confirmed
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All events held in the Crypt at Woodlands Church from 9am – 10.30am

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